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About us

Group Nivelles is a family business founded 1994 in Sint-Truiden. In the beginning, the main activity of the company consisted of importing and selling bathroom furniture. Meanwhile, GNI has become producer and distributor of bathroom furniture, natural stone and showers, wash basins and drains made of synthetic material. These are divided in three brands: Assenti, I-DRAIN and Dzignstone.

Assenti bathroom furniture has been well-established in the sanitary fittings market ever since 1994. The brand is still going from strenght to strength. Our products are now available in five countries, while the Netherlands is the largest export market.

As we place a great deal of emphasis on innovation and design, we only work with partners who share this approach. Assenti enjoys a special position in the sector as a result of these partnerships, such as the collaborative relationship with I-DRAIN® in the case of washbasin drainage systems. I-DRAIN® is now one of the most prominent brands in terms of flow technology.

Thanks to the availability of this partner's outstandingly compact drainage system, the loss of drawer space under the washbasin is definitely a thing of the past. The decorative gratings may have a glass or gold finish or can be covered with Swarovski crystals, hence Assenti provides an opportunity for you to choose your washbasin grating yourself. Assenti has developed a unique system for incorporating such top-quality materials into your bathroom.

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